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We all deserve a home that makes us happy.

-Annie Selke

I am Mary Beth Bletsas, owner

of MB Designs, an interior

design consultancy.

I welcome projects of all dimensions, from the corner

of a room to a whole house.  

My services include color consultation, space planning, 

furniture selection, custom window treatments, bedding, flooring, lighting and accessories,

as well as garden design.

I also offer staging services to real estate agents and homeowners preparing homes for market.

Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really

like is ever out of style.

-Billy Baldwin

I embark on each project by spending time with homeowners

to genuinely understand the feeling they want to evoke in their new space. From there, I create a design plan to capture that mood through textiles, lighting, furnishings and, of course, function.

For every space there are myriad design solutions, but I strive to find the one solution that is unique to that homeowner.

When a room sincerely reflects a homeowner’s personality and the mood they desire, there will be no other room like it and nowhere else that feels more like home.

If you love something, it will work.

That's the only real rule.

-Bunny Williams

Textiles and color are my passion and are the inspiration for almost every project.  Details matter immensely to me. 


I love rooms that are warm and inviting.  Rooms that exude comfort and ask you to sit, stay and return.  Rooms that contain a bit of whimsy, and are never stuffy or intimidating.  Rooms you want to share with others or, if it’s your desire, keep all to yourself like a precious gift.

Ultimately, my work is less about a specific style, and more about helping create a feeling of home.


Every room tells a story.

-Annie Selkie

At the end of each project, my clients' happiness matters most.

Hear from them. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

-Leonardo da Vinci
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